Generator Installation in Greenwich

Generator Installations have installed a generator at a large residential development in London.
The specification called for a full installation starting with installing an enclosure on the generator. The next task was to install a fill point cabinet in a suitable location and make all connections between the cabinet and the generator, including pipe in pipe fuel lines and power and control cables and a bespoke fuel system panel and breaker.


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Generator Fuel line installation in Hythe, Kent

Generator Installations were asked to supply and install 3/4” feed and return pipe work for a major supermarket chain in Hythe, consisting of 10 meters of pipe and 6 bends per line from the bulk tank to the generator set engine hoses.

All pipe work was pressure tested to 1.5x working pressure to ensure the connections were secure and would not leak. On completion all pipe work was painted to denote oil.

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Three 2500kVA generators installed at a data centre in slough

Generator Installations was asked to assist with the installation of three 2500kVA generators at a large new build data centre in Slough. This job presented a unique set of challenges that our team of experienced engineers and lift supervisors handled quickly, cost effectively and safely.

The first challenge, how to get three 15 ton diesel tanks into an already part constructed building on offload conditions, where the space was limited to 10mm allowance?

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Pipe in pipe jacketed pipework / double skin pipework

Generator installations have many years experience installing pipe in pipe jacketed pipework also known as double skin pipework.

We have Zurich certified welding procedures for mild steel and stainless steel pipework, our coded welders/fitters install pipe in pipe jacketed pipework in mild steel for the generator fuel lines.

We have qualified engineers to install Brugg secon x and FSR pipework and UPP Durapipe depending on the application and the clients specification.

Please call us today for a free quotation.

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Free Fall Fire Valve / Drop Weight Fire Valve Installation

We have many requests to upgrade generator feed lines to incorporate a free fall fire valve or also know as a drop weight fire valve. The valve will isolate the fuel in the event of a fire occurring, when the room reaches a certain temperature it will melt the fusible link connected to the valve and isolate the fuel.

See a typical installation below…

Free Fall Fire Valve

A mercury tilt switch ...

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Plant movement and installation in Warwick

Generator Installations were asked to carry out a machine movement in Warwick. The job included moving an existing 60kVA generator 600 meters from its current location into a new purpose built compound, taking delivery of a new bulk fuel tank and supplying and installing a fuel transfer system between the bulk tank and the generator base tank.


Our experienced plant movement ...

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Sound attenuation and acoustic room installation for market leading telecoms provider

Generator installations have installed sound attenuation on to a pre existing generator operated by a UK market leading telecoms provider.

This included air inlet and outlet attenuation, pent house louvres and acoustic insulation slabs.

Materials and plant had to be crane lifted onto the roof of the building on which the generator was sited, this was overseen by our experienced lift supervisor.


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