Financial Services Company, London – Offload & Positioning of six 2.5MVA Generators

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed the offload and positioning of six 2.5MVA generators and 40ft containers to the largest footprint size building in Central London to be occupied by a multinational financial services company.

Works included:

  • Delivery of generators, containers and ancillaries to site on twelve TFL FORS registered vehicles
  • Positioning of containers on the 13th floor using a 500 ton crane
  • Lifting of generators and ancillaries to the 13th floor
  • Installation of generators and ancillaries into containers

The project entails ...

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South East Council Generator Servicing

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed the servicing and routine maintenance of four generator sets as part of our servicing agreement with the local authority.  Works included service and full load test of each generator using our mobile load bank in order to ensure their ability to function in an emergency situation.

We look forward to our continued relationship with the local authority.

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Internation Bank, Central London – 2 x 2500kVA Generator Installation UPDATE

We have recently completed the installation of two new 2.5MVA generators for an international bank in London. M&E installation included offload and position of the generators located in the basement with remote radiators on the roof, coolant pipework running the height of the building. Fuel system, exhaust installation and 400m of 11KW HV and LV cabling.  Please see below for some pictures…Generator Off load Continue Reading →


Military Site, East Anglia – 40kVA Generator Installation

We have recently completed the installation and commissioning of a new 40kVA Cummins standby generator for a military client in East Anglia.

Works Included:

  • Decommissioning of existing generator set
  • Offload and positioning of new generator set
  • Supply and installation of new 850 litre double skin tank and pipework
  • Supply and installation of new ventilation louvres and actuators
  • Final commissioning of new generator
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Central London New Residential Development – Fuel System Installation

We have recently completed the fabrication and installation of a new fuel system for a residential complex in Central London.  The system consists of 120 meters of double and single skin welded mild steel pipework

  • Fill Line
  • Vent Line
  • Transfer Line
  • Overspill Line

All pipework nitrogen pressure tested and painted saddle brown to denote oil.

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Large Residential Complex, Central London – Mild Steel Pipework & Electrical Installation

We have recently started the following works on a large residential complex in Central London

Fuel System

  • Complete fuel system works consisting of double and single skin flanged and fully welded pipework
  • Fuel polisher system
  • Pump set
  • Fire valve
  • Fill point cabnet

Coolant Pipework

  • Fabrication and installation of 75 meters of flanged welded mild steel pipework to connect generator set located in sub basement to remote radiator located on the roof eleven stories above.


  • Installation
  • Fabrication and installation of interconnecting flue between generator and silencer
  • Insulation of flue for safety and ...
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