London Generator Project coolant and fuel system install

Generator Installations were asked to install a full generatro cooland and fuel system installation at a large commercial development in London

IMG_0690 IMG_0653


The specification called for a complete the coolant system of 400m of 3″ coolant lines, 200m fuel system. including; 25mm in 50mm pipe in pipe transfer lines, 100mm single skin welded vent lines, ...

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Three 2500kVA generators installed at a data centre in slough

Generator Installations was asked to assist with the installation of three 2500kVA generators at a large new build data centre in Slough. This job presented a unique set of challenges that our team of experienced engineers and lift supervisors handled quickly, cost effectively and safely.

The first challenge, how to get three 15 ton diesel tanks into an already part constructed building on offload conditions, where the space was limited to 10mm allowance?


The solution, ...

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Sound attenuation and acoustic room installation for market leading telecoms provider

Generator installations have installed sound attenuation on to a pre existing generator operated by a UK market leading telecoms provider.

This included air inlet and outlet attenuation, pent house louvres and acoustic insulation slabs.

Materials and plant had to be crane lifted onto the roof of the building on which the generator was sited, this was overseen by our experienced lift supervisor.

IMG_2809 IMG_3735

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Generator installation at domestic property

Generator Installations was asked to provide a suitable back up power supply for a domestic property in a remote location. The brief included providing the customer with a variety of generator options and advising on other matters including the provision of fuel and future service requirements, all the while ensuring that the finish was in keeping with the aesthetic of the property.


For Generator Installations, No job is too big or ...

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