Fuel Pipework Pipe in Pipe jacked double skin bunded pipework

Fuel systems must be protected against leaks that can cause severe environmental damage. Due to building regulations fully welded ‘pipe in pipe’ systems are common place in many installations, wherever fuel must be transported through a building and no bunding is present. Pipe in Pipe solves this problem without the need for any structural or cosmetic alterations to the existing building. The inner pipe acts as the channel in which the fuel will flow and the larger, outer pipe, acts a a bunded barrier preventing leaking fuel from escaping into the environment, also available is an integral leak detection system ensuring that if any leaks do occur from the inner pipe, you will know about them long before they become a serious problem. The leak detection can also be linked to the building management system (BMS).

Generator Installations specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke fuel systems.

We fabricate pipe in pipe systems off site in our fully equipped workshop and then transported to site for final assembly and positional welds on site. Not only does this make the installation cleaner and faster it also reduces hot works on site and potentially costly site downtime

Whether your fuel tank is in the basement or 20 stories up, from the generator to the storage tank and beyond, you can be sure that your fuel lines are safe and protected with Generator Installations.

Some photos below of pipe in pipe pipework in fabrication…



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