Generator Offload & Position – Central London

Generator Installations was asked to position and assemble a steel plate flooring, generator, canopy, silencer and attenuation onto the roof of a seven storey development in the City of London.



We arranged many aspects of this challenging works including separating the alternator from the generator engine to make the lift possible and re-couple and torque the alternator on site
The lift and assembly took place over the course of 3 days.

Day one consisted of carrying out preparatory works on the generator and loading onto the vehicle ready for

Day two involved preparing the roof top for the delivery of the generator, this included preparing the surface of the roof with Rubber matting, the fitting of suitable AV mounts for the generator to be sited on and the installation of the Generator Base.

Day three, the generator and alternator were lifted to the roof, once in position the alternator was re coupled to the engine. Now the generator was in place, the canopy, with integral silencers and the discharge attenuation, with integral second stage silencers were lifted to the roof and attached to the generator base.



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