Data Centre UPS Installation

Last week we completed a UPS Installation for a large data centre in Birmingham. We had to terminate and remove he old sets which included UPS systems, redundant 2400KG transformers out of confined space canopy. Then install 3 new UPS systems, 150 new batteries and all of the associated cabling. Please see some pictures of the works undertaken below.

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Offload & Position Generator and ancillaries for a new development in central London.

As previously mention we have been commissioned to install a 1200Kva Generator Set and Fuel System in a new development in London.

Last week we completed the offload & position of the set. We used a tower crane to lift the set from a flatbed lorry and lowered the generator to the basement level with only a few centimetres of free space either side. The set was placed onto an offload stand and was lowered and skated to its final ...

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Fuel system installation for a hospital in the south of England

This week Generator Installations have just completed an installation of a generator fuel system for a hospital in the south of England.

Generator Installations was commissioned to supply and install a fuel point cabinet complete with hydrostatic contents gauge and overfill alarm, connected to an 18000Litre double skin bulk tank, along with a UPP polyethylene pipe in pipe between the bulk tank and the generator set canopy. All pipework was pressured tested to twice the working pressure.

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New fuel tanks for generators in one of the largest data centers in Europe

As previously posted in our news, we have been commissioned to supply and install a new fuel system for 4 standby generator sets  for one of the largest data centers in Europe. This week we have removed one of the old tanks and off loaded and positioned two new tanks and started the new fuel line pipework installation.  Please see below some pictures of the works carried out to date.

Old tank isolated, disconnected and removed

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Installing a new generator and fuel system for a development project in London

Generator Installations have recently been commissioned to install a generator set and supply and install the required fuel system in a large commercial development in London. The new generator is a 1200kva set with a 6000Litre fuel system.

Works undertaken by Generator Installations

  • Off load and position generator, fuel system and auxiliary plant
  • Installing generator, exhaust system and silencer
  • Supply and installing:
    • Day fuel tank
    • Bulk fuel tank
    • Fill point cabinet
    • Fuel Pump
    • Control Panel
    • Tilt switch
    • Overfill alarm
    • Fire valves
    • Bund for generator and fuel tanks
    • Auxiliary mechanical and electrical works
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Installing a new generator fuel system in one of Europes largest data center

Generator Installations have been commissioned to install a new fuel system for one of the largest data center in Europe. The Install consists of removing 2 x 60,000Litre Fuel Tanks and replacing them with 4 x 40,000Litre fuel tanks. Generator Installations have also been commissioned to install two new fuel polishers, fill point cabinets, overfill alarms, fire valves and associated electrical and mechanical works at the same site.

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