Cleaning fuel tanks for reuse will extend the life of the tank and will help to prevent decay and contaminated fuel being transferred into a generator.

We offer a fuel tank cleaning service for all types of fuel storage, which include underground and above ground diesel, petrol or gas tanks.

Our engineers will initially take a fuel sample and based on the test results will ascertain whether the fuel is reusable. If the test results are positive, we can offload the fuel into a temporary storage tank and run the fuel through a fuel polishing system to enable it to be reused. If the results are negative, we are licensed to remove the contaminated fuel offsite, to be disposed of and if possible, to be recycled.

Once the fuel is removed, we have trained and qualified engineers who will cleanse the tank for reuse or decommissioning. We follow and exceed the necessary health, safety and environment regulations during the process.

As part of our tank cleaning, we offer a de-gassing service, which is achieved using nitro foam, the best and safest method of forcing explosive fumes out of the fuel tank.

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