Three 2500kVA generators installed at a data centre in slough

Generator Installations was asked to assist with the installation of three 2500kVA generators at a large new build data centre in Slough. This job presented a unique set of challenges that our team of experienced engineers and lift supervisors handled quickly, cost effectively and safely.

The first challenge, how to get three 15 ton diesel tanks into an already part constructed building on offload conditions, where the space was limited to 10mm allowance?


The solution, use two Versa Lifts to manoeuvre the tanks through an opening using road plates!

The second challenge, How to unload three 19ton generators and position them on top of the newly position tanks? First, the generators were unloaded using another, even bigger Versa Lift! A custom made steel frame was then fabricated in workshop and taken to site to land the generators at the same height, and adjacent to the fuel tanks.




With the Generator in place on steel frame all that’s left to do is place machine skates under the set and pull into place on the tank using a Tirfor winch….

Skating generator into position

Once the sets was in position we completed the M&E works on the fuel system, attenuation, exhaust system and assembly of kit on site, see below the finished product…

finished generator installation

For more information on the new data centre please read the V3 article by clicking here

Below are some more pictures of the generator installation process…

IMG_0828IMG_0830IMG_0845 IMG_0836 IMG_0916 IMG_0914 IMG_0912 IMG_0996

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