About Us

Generator Installations are at the forefront of providing generator services to the industry and with a vast amount of expertise within the company, we now operate one of the UK’s most specialised generator installation and maintenance services. We install and maintain generators for all major suppliers, ranging from 30kVA – 1400kVA generator sets.

Working in partnership with generator suppliers across the globe, we have a clear and detailed understanding of the requirements needed to install and maintain generators for any business. We have a broad range of experience installing generators and providing disaster recovery solutions for customers, which include blue chip and public sector corporations. Our client portfolio consists of: banks, data centres, financial institutions, prisons, hospitals, hotels, residential and office buildings.

We thrive on producing desirable results for all our clients, regardless of how large or small the project.

This has given us an impeccable reputation within the industry and with over 40 years’ experience, we are confident that we can support you in your generator enquiry.

To ensure we achieve the highest quality of service we conform to and are certified as a ISO 9001 + 14001 compliant company.

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